School Profile

Woolsthorpe Primary School is a true learning community, which has a history and culture of high expectations, parent involvement and academic excellence. Our school provides a unique and dynamic learning experience for its learners.

It is our intention to promote our trademark values of Respect, Excellence, Care and Teamwork. Our school is recognised by the local community for its safe and caring environment. We work with families closely to support and build strong relationships.

Our new school was built in 2013. It has the latest up to date technology and learning spaces, where teachers work in collaborative teams to personalise learning for all students. All students have iPads to support their Learning Programs.

Our House System, Creative Arts, Science Specialist, Discovery Learning, Kitchen and Gardening Programs are just some of the unique experiences our learners have here at Woolsthorpe.

Our Learning Process model is designed to be a simple common language that all learners, both children and adults, can understand and use. Learners can identify and describe which part of the Learning Process they are in and why they are there. Our Learner Traits are important skills, which learners can draw upon when they are in any part of the Learning Process to overcome obstacles and be the best learner that they can be. Knowing what to do when learners don't know what to do is a valued part of the Learning Process.

We aim to equip learners with traits necessary for their school life and real world contexts. Our school values each learner's passions and aims to develop students' confidence, knowledge, understanding, appreciation, curiosity and most of all a love of learning.







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