A Big Life

A Big Life was the genesis of Brauer College, Warrnambool College & Warrnambool Student Wellbeing Association (WSWA). In response to the ever-increasing wave of mental health issues presenting at schools. 

WSWA, created A Big Life, now operational for seven years, is now operating at Warrnambool College, Brauer College, Woodford Primary School, Grasmere Primary School, Koroit & District Primary School, West Warrnambool, Merrivale and Woolsthorpe.  


A Big Life is organic to the Warrnambool district, is a community response to our issues, aiming to strengthen our community. A Big Life is not reactive nor clinical.  Students at A Big Life schools are exposed to programs, techniques, ways of thinking aimed at building a positive & resilient mindset.  As mental health / wellbeing becomes a normal part of a student’s life, mental health is destigmatized, allowing sufferers to deal without shame and amongst an understanding and helpful peer group & community.


A Big Life school is an emotionally intelligent resilient school aiming for their students to live a BIG LIFE.  That is a great aspiration.

Representatives from A Big Life deliver wellbeing programs at our school each fortnight.

We are extremely lucky to be able to offer this program and work with A Big Life.  

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